Internal server error after update docker container from 26.0.1 to 26.0.2

Hi. I’m a newbie on nextcloud. Last week I installed Nextcloud with docker (26.0.1 image). It worked very well.
This morning i got a docker image update: i pull it and now, if i try to connect i recieve this error:
Internal server error
the server encountered an internal error and was unable etc etc etc.
what’s happened??? Before update container had I to do anything?
How to solve?
The log file are empity (maybe i’m wrong path). In config.php i read “verson”. I change it in 26.0.2 but doesnt work

You must not change the version string for yourself. The upgrade-script takes care of it and it‘s important, the information is correct.
Now it is not.

What are your config-settings in config.php?

I think a

docker exec --user www-data -it <your containername> php occ upgrade

could fix it or at least give some hints regRding the problem.

  1. there is a typo in version
  2. dont change (but change it back to original without typo)