Internal Server Error after OCC Filescan


nc version: hub 4
php version: 8.1
nginx version: 1.2
pgsql version: 15.x

Good evening,

after setting up a new NC Stack on Portainer, at first everything worked perfectly fine for me.
But after recreating all users, running “occ files:scan --all” and restarting the Stack, Nextcloud shows me the wellknown error post as mentioned above. The weird thing is that the error post turned up, when restarting. After the file scan without a restart i could see and open all my scanned files as normal.

If needed I could also post the error log which I unfortunately can’t interpret as well.

Best Greetings

Internal Server Error is a generic error message. It unfortunately could be just about anything.

You’ll need to post the stack trace from your nextcloud.log file to get any help here.