Internal server error after change in ISP

Hello. I am having an issue with nextcloud after switching ISPs and haven’t had much luck. A little background… I have nextcloud installed via docker container on unraid (linuxserver/nextcloud). I use linuxserver/swag for a reverse proxy with my domain. I’ve had this setup working for at least a year and just a couple days ago switch ISPs. I got my IPs updated for my domain and got everything else I host back up and running with relative easy, except for nextcloud and I can’t for the life of my figure out what the issue is. It just takes me to a page that says “Internal server error” with a generic message about contacting the administrator. I’ve tried looking for logs that give me some info but haven’t had luck there either. Any help would be appreciated.

Enter the docker container
docker exec -it NAME /bin/bash
and then cat /var/www/nextcloud.log (or wherever it is buried in /var/www)
Check your swag log.
Check your router settings.
Update your trusted domains in the container to include the correct settings.

Good luck.

So that was the other thing… I was looking for a log file somewhere in the /www directory based on some other topics here but I can’t seem to find one. Just the php and nginx ones a directory up. Swag log not showing anything weird. Router settings are pretty minimal, just port forwarding 80/443 to Swag. Trusted domains are correct, has my local IP and domain.

Never mind. It had nothing to do with my ISP change. My postgres container updated to v14 and wasn’t started so nextcloud was trying to connect to a database that wasn’t there. Poor timing on updating containers on my part. Thanks!