Internal Server Error After Adding New App

Hello All

I installed the latest stable version on Linux mint and had everything working perfect.
I disabled the Recommendations app and tried to add a few ones. It seems like the recommendations app disabled properly but I got a error message for the others.

After refreshing the web browser i have error:

Internal Server Error

The server was unable to complete your request.

If this happens again, please send the technical details below to the server administrator.

More details can be found in the server log.

### Technical details

*** Remote Address: (my external ip address from my desktop)**
*** Request ID: PMGZ9brSls7rj1DWfIoE**

When i look in my data directory in the nextcloud log i see the following.

Anyone have ideas? Is it possible to disable the apps from terminal or run nextcloud in a safemode with all third party apps disabled?

Thanks in advance

You can disable apps using the occ command, which you will find in the Nextcloud document root directory.

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘nextcloud.oc_external_mounts’ doesn’t exist"
I think the main problem on your system is a missing “oc_external_mounts” table. Try to create the table manually and check if the problem has been fixed afterwards. This is how the table looks no Nextcloud 18.0.4:

MariaDB [nextcloud]> describe oc_external_mounts;
| Field           | Type         | Null | Key | Default | Extra          |
| mount_id        | bigint(20)   | NO   | PRI | NULL    | auto_increment |
| mount_point     | varchar(128) | NO   |     | NULL    |                |
| storage_backend | varchar(64)  | NO   |     | NULL    |                |
| auth_backend    | varchar(64)  | NO   |     | NULL    |                |
| priority        | int(11)      | NO   |     | 100     |                |
| type            | int(11)      | NO   |     | NULL    |                |
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Thanks for your response. Can you please tell me how to create this table?

I use “sudo mysql -u root -p” to connect to db then what is the next steps? I cannot find any detailed info online how to add a table to mariadb.

Thanks in advance

As usual aunt G. knows the database basics :wink:

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