Internal error after internet issues

hello everybody, after some problems with internet , that are been resolved my installation is producing the bellow attached photo error. could somebody know a way to resolve it.

You only have to follow the recommendations in the error message and check the content of the Nextcloud server log file for more specific error messages.

Additionally don’t forget to provide DETAILED information about your environment, the used software versions, the content of the Nextcloud server log file, etc., etc.

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You r right but there is not relevant entry into /var/log dir.
Installation is running on an old vaio laptop with apache server on Ubuntu 20.04.
Fully updated. Apache default page is serving normally.
192.1681.1.20/nextcloud produce the below error.

I haven’t daid that you will find the Nextcloud server log file in /var/log :wink: Check your Nextcloud configuration file for any log related parameter (log_type, logfile) . The default directory is the Nextcloud data directory if the previously named parameters are not set.