Integritycheck after Migration nextcloud 11.0.1: detected files doesnt exist

I installed a fresh nextcloud 11.0.1 via the software installer of my ISP. After this I copied the database and the data folder from the working nextcloud 10.

All looks fine. But I got an incomprehensible error from the integritycheck.

- core
	- tmp/oc_tmp_VmKp1R-folder/.htaccess

Raw output
    [core] => Array
        [EXTRA_FILE] => Array
                [tmp/oc_tmp_VmKp1R-folder/.htaccess] => Array
                        [expected] => 
                        [current] => 5123d78bdde306563258d3103546ae3ab4cc0dbd61b12a82bfef0301176207e67a07169e07c0fe2f61d4ddb1687da54c6231629b8d8467cfcee681f2147a73fc




obviously I should delete this file. But the folder tmp is empty.

I learnt the use of occ via ssh. Does exist a solution with this nice tool?

If the file was deleted, you can go to the admin-page an run the check again.