Integrity check 'normaly' badly

how to integrate correctly a nagios probe
i read the about How to get your app signed, but my probe is not nextcloud app

< [08:21:05] - root@web:/var/www/tools >
=>sudo -u www-data php occ integrity:check-core
- monitor/test.php:
- expected:
- current: 2baed68e7a31976395f4150056f3c0d0f724299f5d51bb90bdea259c180b07fbe50c1390529ef567d93d963b51598f457be53a498d6d4e4a2ad57d7fe85e0d8e

error is normal because it s not a nextcloud code or a nextcloud app
i would like to preserve the integrity function , i would not use the ‘integrity.check.disabled’ => true,

thank you for your help

The purpose of the integrity check is to check exactly for this, if there is any code which is not supposed to be there. Normally, after an upgrade you can just use the official files and then run the integrity check and add your script afterwards (if you don’t re-run the check, it should not complain).

Does this test.php something special? Could you use the output of status.php instead? Or write a small app for this?