Integrity check - invalid_hash: what to do?


First of all not being English speaking I did the translation via Google, so sorry if it’s not very clear. I just installed Nextcloud 13.0.2 on a shared hosting (o2switch) but I had a message saying that files had not passed the integrity check. Some were missing, I added it, others I returned in binary mode, but for others I do not know what to do:

  • core
    - core/doc/admin/_static/img/note_pencil.svg
    - core/doc/admin/_static/img/warning.svg
    - core/fonts/LICENSE.txt
    - core/vendor/jsTimezoneDetect/jstz.js
  • activity
    - l10n/ru.js

For the 2 files SVG I returned them via FTP in binary mode but it does not work and for l10n / ru.js the folder (and therefore the file) is not even present in the archive that I downloaded.

I re-download the zip archive and for the 2 SVG files it solved the problem. However, l10n / ru.js is still not present. I will open a new discussion for this problem.