Integrity check failed FILE_MISSING


I deleted some files of skeleton profile. Now integrity fails. Is there a possibility to mark these files as deleted or to rescan current installation?

    • core/skeleton/Documents/About.odt:
      • expected: 1cc2eae96696437edac41a8f9bc04a2ce2e8aac132cee19239222ef0f0ed0722a8279d6dae2073c230f9f2015f03559827a4bdd11ac068d2ee31f8bef9ec8b95
      • current:
    • core/skeleton/Documents/About.txt:
      • expected: 246d73856029aac8fb5cfda0644c473bcc519017b8284e0b850b67025562170cf4c1afa39f037cff3c9a331f85ab29266353de184c039907a54a680a54c15040
      • current:
    • core/skeleton/Photos/Coast.jpg:
      • expected: 2bb4fd0ca9fbcb71b3565f1c019233aac9d22d19e25a6c1afe1ba37dbe33a2d282ead22aafd6e5a012bb206c9606f1056d9f83955034a11d2c531d435f097933
      • current:
    • core/skeleton/Photos/Hummingbird.jpg:
      • expected: 4c5c440aabadb7bc084502513f34691754ad0cd5b7dc60af5294c5076e17e102d209b2fec4d1a1f38b940887c6f8eb16efa9240944116d17e6c4a36689987d84
      • current:
    • core/skeleton/Photos/Nut.jpg:
      • expected: 0a82a718fc89d438c5887bac2b4fe7f32ec39a3cf9aab38e7f544ed8493d328d2247fa4efa85d4caa650550c34f305ba7eb12973d2487e10507cb2ab0f38c122
      • current:

Thank you for your support!

What was your intention by doing so?

The idea behind the integrity-check is to make sure that your installation is conform to the product delivert by Nextcloud. If you delete or manually change or add files this is not true any more.

i have learned that the files you put in skeleton are the ones you want your user to have by first access. so why should they have some dumb pictures, e.g.? if nextcloud needs at least one file in the skeleton let’s make the manual.pdf mandatory. other than that? umm… no. they shouldn’t be included in filecheck. my 2ct :wink:

Agree. But this can not be done by an end-user. Does there already exist a corresponding github issue?

i really don’t know. since i’m not sure, yet, that this one from above is a real issue at all. and i won’t really test it on my system (am grateful that it runs like a charm knocksonwood).
so IF this is a reproduceable thing… it NEEDS a gh-issue. agreed

JimmyKater mentioned my intention. Exactly. Users do not need some examle files in there file space.

I opened a github issue regarding this:

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