Integration Zimbra 9 NE fail 404 not found (url not found in this server)

hello everyone, I’m new to nextcloud and zimbra. Here I want to integrate zimbra 9 NE and NC 24. I have tried configuring using oauth2 following the official document but found an error 404 file not found when I wanted to click “activate” in zimbra modern UI, I’ve been looking for references but still not resolved. Thank you for your suggestions

POC : add oauth2 client → install zimlets-nextcloud → restart zimbra → add command below → activate plugin → activate nextcloud → error 404

zmprov md mx11examplecom zimbraOAuthConsumerCredentials client identifier:secret:nextcloud
zmprov md mx11examplecom zimbraOAuthConsumerRedirectUri
zmprov md mx11examplecom zimbraOAuthConsumerAPIScope ‘http://103.xx.xx.xx/index.php:nextloud_noop