Integration with Computer Vision AI provider (Azure, etc) to auto tag photos

Hello, I am new to Nextcloud, but I would like to use one of the AI cloud services available to auto-tag photos that I upload to Nextcloud, specifically Microsoft Azure. This would give similar functionality to Google Photos in terms of how you can search photos based on AI-generated tags.

On Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, they have a free tier in the Computer Vision section of their Cognitive Services that allows you to do 5000 calls per month and up to 20 calls per minute to either tag, perform object-detection, determine colors, brands shown, or even write a computer generated description. One could theoretically use this service for free in order to tag photos going into Nextcloud, as long as you don’t submit more than 5,000 images a month or analyze more than 20 images a minute. Going over those amounts doesn’t necessarily mean a huge charge - It’s actually pretty reasonable, but keeping things free would be nice.

What I would like to do is, after uploading a new photo to Nextcloud, Nextcloud would trigger some code (possibly using Nextcloud’s filesystem hooks) that would then submit the uploaded image to the Azure API endpoint, which returns a JSON file with your image tags, which would then be parsed and added to the image in Nextcloud. It seems relatively simple, the only additional requirements are that it would have to have limit how many images get sent to Azure in order to stay under 20 per minute to qualify for the free tier, and the submitted images can’t be more than 4mb in size.

I’m wondering if anybody else has been working on something like this, or if this is something that anybody else is interested in? I think it would be a pretty amazing addition to Nextcloud and would allow me to completely replace Google Photos.

Welp… I just realized that you can’t even search by tag with Nextcloud. What good is the tagging feature if you can’t search based on those tags? Makes zero sense to me.