Integration of OnlyOffice SNAP with Nextcloud SNAP - Help?

Hello - I’ve been looking for the documentation/help for integrating my Nextcloud (installed via Snap) with a Snap-installed OnlyOffice on the same Ubuntu 20.04 BananaPi server. Neither of the installations (Nextcloud or OnlyOffice) have external connectivity YET - I wanted to finish the setup/configurations first on the internal network.

I’m experiencing a limited amount of “snap-installed” documentation and help.

I am not finding a “snap” version of the OnlyOffice Connector for Nextcloud as well, so I am guessing this is a hando-matic process for the integration (various snap commands for both?)

Of course, I can access both servers (Nextcloud and OnlyOffice) and ran the OnlyOffice example with no issues (I changed the various OnlyOffice snap parameters to accomplish this). Now, I want to “reconfigure” both OnlyOffice and Nextcloud to communicate - that’s where I run into a lack of snap-related configuration documentation and instructions.

Is there some documentation or help that can point me in the right direction for this integration of the two Snap installations? Or am I missing something?

Thanks for any insights.



You may want to read this conversation of snap team about the office issue.

Nextcloud-snap “feature request” nextcloud-office · Issue #2288 · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap (