Integrating azure blob with nextcloud


can anyone tell me if you can integrate Azure storage (Blob) with nextcloud out of the box?

I know Amazon’s s3 is supported but I can’t figure out if the same is true for Azure’s storage.

Any answers or pointers in the right direciton would be greatly appreciated.

Not supported officially atm.

thank you very much for your answer.
can you eloborate on the reason why that is by any chance?
is there a fundamental difference between s3 and blob when it comes to nextcloud integration?

@nickvergessen Is this feature going to be supported in near future?

Thank you for opening a feature request on GitHub. Let’s continue there:



you might want to use stonefly cloud drive in Azure, that might work for you .


Did you test if that works?

I recently created an Ubuntu server on azure to play with nextcloud.

Do you have any directions how to integrate stonefly storage into an Ubuntu machine on azure?

I’m happy to report results if anyone is intersted.

Now Azure Blob storage as a Native NFSv3 connector, so you can just mount the blob into the VM via NFS. It is even better for user rights. After playing with the S3 pluggins It is very expensive for nextcloud cause it does a large amount of useless calls that is going to increase your amazon bill