Integrate Nextcloud 2FA with SMS-gateway


I have setup NextCloud but want to install two-factor authentication now. However, in our company we need to use a special SMS-gateway that the IT support department offers.
So I have been looking for some app that can help me with this but not found any. The SMS-gateway supports the following format:

Authorization: “Authorization”

“Subject”: “Message”,
“OriginatorText”: “Sender”,
“Recipients”: [
“ToAddress”: “Phonenumber”

Does anyone know how I can try to setup 2FA with a SMS-gateway that accepts the format above?

You could integrate it into See the other closed PRs for reference.

Thanks for the answer. Would I need to add my own code to Nextcloud to make it support the format this SMS-gatewa/provider wants? I’m not sure if I understand those pull requests.

Yes, you have to code the integration and open a pull request.

Okay how much code do you think this integration would require?

300 lines of code

Interesting, I’m not a good coder at all but I guess it might be pretty simple stuff and maybe I can re-use some code of other pull requests?

yes, but someone has to test it and I can’t help troubleshoot if things break

but go ahead and give it a go :slight_smile:

I see, btw I could not see this app if I login to my NextCloud and go to apps. Is it located in some other place?