Integrate Google Analytics Into Nextcloud

Is there a way to integrate Google Analytics tracking into Nextcloud? I’m currently running v11.0.1.

There is a tracking plugin where you can keep control of all data:

@tflidd could you please explain how to integrate the Google Analytics code to the Piwik plugin?

I wanted to imply that it works without google.

it is based on php so it seems that you could insert the php google tracking code directly.

Uhm I’ve tried with both piwik plugin and Google Analytics via the JS Loader plugin, both with no luck. I’ve even tried to add the piwik tracking js code via JS Loader but again no luck.

Also looking at the page code i can’t see the Google Analytics js code anywhere…

Is there any other option?

To use Piwik you will need a Piwik server installed somewhere. The you can use the Piwik integration.

I’ve installed the piwik server in the /piwik folder.

so: mydomain/piwik will lead you to piwik

I’ve set up the server entry on piwik, so mydomain has id 2.

I’ve then set up the piwik plugin with:

Site ID: 2
piwik url: //mydomain/piwik

No way. It doesn’t work.

Piwik URL should be

It also takes some time for stats to start appearing in Piwik. Check their forum for more information, also make sure you read their FAQ.