Integrate Collabora to a Web App

Hi everyone,

I’m attempting to integrate Collabora into my web app. I already have Nextcloud with Collabora, and they are working well. However, I need to load a Collabora editor into my web app through an iframe. I’ve been following the available documentation from Nextcloud and Collabora, but I’ve made no progress. Currently, I’m getting an error regarding the CSP Frame-Ancestors, which basically tells me that Collabora refuses to be loaded in my iframe because the domain name (my web app’s URL) is unknown. I tried editing Collabora’s coolwsd.xml to whitelist my web app’s URL through the content_security_policy tag, but nothing has changed. I would appreciate it if you could guide me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

I think you better ask the Collabora Forum

Thanks, will do it.