Instant Upload Custom Folder

I am loving the simplicity of the Nextcloud Android app.

The instant picture uploads feature works beautifully, however, I would like to add a bit more functionality to it.

Would it be possible to set up a custom folder on the phone to be constantly monitered for new files to be uploaded automatically?

Better yet, a custom paramater within the same picture folder and have it export to a separate folder in my nextcloud account.

Let me explain.

I have my HTC 10 set up to take pictures in RAW, which means it saves both a jpg and dng in the DCIM folder. The Nextcloud Android app recognizes the jpg and instantly uploads it to the cloud (GREAT!)

The issue is that the app ignores the much larger DNG file. I would like to set it up so that it detects these DNG image files and automatically backs it up to the cloud in a folder of my choosing. Lastly, have it delete the file from the phone when the backup is complete.

thanks in advance

The official Android client can not do this, but you could use FolderSync app to do this and more…

I’m also the FolderSync app for a lot of different things, and it is working great, can recommend it :slight_smile:

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