Instant screen shot upload from Android app

It would be nice if the Android app included a setting to automatically upload screen shots taken from the device in the same way that photos and videos taken with the camera can be uploaded.

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Just before Nextcloud forked, there was quite a lengthy discussion in an ownCloud GitHub issue about extending instantupload to be able to upload folders other than the photo folders. Currently I believe InstantUpload depends on Android’s API to trigger when a photo is taken. I’m sure that screenshots don’t trigger that API call, thus why they wouldn’t be caught by InstantUpload.

I do agree though that it would be nice. The main question is just how much further to extend… just screencaps, or other filetypes… or other folders, or…?

Thank you; that’s good to know.

I see discussion of this, as you reference, here and here.

Yep, as well as this merge request.

Currently I use Foldersync for Android to do this. So I can sync many many folder with my cloud.

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This is something we also want to bring to the app for may reasons since like @Bugsbane mentioned right now the instant upload depends on camera events so it only works for the system camera and certain 3rd party camera apps that also send the event. @tobiasKaminsky is the one who started working on this in the past.

We do have quite the amount of features to integrate, just see the number of (feature) branches: (currently 63!). So it is quite save to say that this will come to the app but due >50 features to be integrated, tested, fixed, shipped we can’t give you any dates at the moment.

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…so… it’ll be in 9.1 with those 63 other features then? :wink:

Since 1.0.1 is the actual stable…I’d say 9.1 is a really save bet :wink:


@ruk @Bugsbane IN around 24H

IF you have some time to spare you can download and install/test the (upcoming) beta app (like before it can be installed in parallel to the stable release)

The next beta release with the new Instant Upload feature I mentioned will be available in about 24h +/- some hours. Beware though that this is a completely new implementation of the instant upload so this is truly beta So bug need to be expected and if they occur please report them on our issue tracker
Thanks for your patience with the instant upload and any help testing this new feature. Hint… It’ll be way more than just “camera” :wink:

Beta version 20161026 is live! :thumbsup:

Augh! I’d love to test this however unfortunately my Android phone accidentally went into a trash compactor recently :sob:. I’m currently stuck using an iPhone a friend gave me, which is driving me crazy (No quick way to see all of the installed apps from the home screen? No repository of FOSS apps like FDroid? No universal way to go back to the last thing you were looking at? Really?!)

Will definitely test when I have an android phone again (hopefully soon).