Installscript: NC15 & PHP7.3 (Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS)


I updated my ansible playbook so that you can choose the php version right now. You find the variable in group_vars/all.yml. The default is right now 7.3.

For more details check the readme.

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Hi Reiner,

So NC15 works fine with PHP 7.3 or are there any issues?

it installs without problems.
you can login to nextcloud.
and there aren’t any errors in the logs related to php7.3.

the question if php 7.3 is fully supported goes to nextcloud. and the documentation says yes.

Hi Reiner,

I knew that PHP 7.3 is supported with NC15 now. I was rather interested in user experience of somebody who runs NC15 with PHP 7.3 already and if further issues came up after some time of usage.
I’m asking because of issues on Github like this:

Maybe someone else is seeing such issues and recommends to stay on PHP 7.2 for now.

all my running instance of nc are all still v13.

i just wanted to be up-to-date with the playbook. to provide an easy way to install and test the newest versions of nc :wink: