Installing through internal IP?


thanks to some stuff going on with my router / ISP / not sure, I can’t correctly access my NC-instance on my RPi from the “outside”, that is, via DynDNS-URL or external IP. I can access, but it’s so slow, I get status 206 for several components, and the functionality of NC is hampered.

But, while I’m trying to work this out, can I safely install NC through my RPi’s INTERNAL IP (which works just fine) for the time being, and only “switch over” to Domain once that’s working again? If so, any pointers as to how to switch later would be welcome, or any other Do’s or Don’t’s.


Network problems are not our main competence. It’s hard to debug, error 206 already indicates that you have a connection. The upstream via your ISP might be very slow, so if someone else is download from extern, the connection is perhaps fully used?

But there can be other issues as well. I would check the logfiles on your server and on your router.

This issue is related to “how can i reach my NC instance from LAN”.

My solution:
I’m running bind9 as DNS-service on a rpi which is member of my LAN subnet. The domain name “” is resolved by an internal IP (in my case the firewall which is the gateway between LAN and DMZ. The traffic will be forwarded to the corresponding server based on ACL-rule).

If you want to access “” via WWW just forward the http- (& https-) port from your router to the same internal IP.

Works fine for me.

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