Installing Nextcloud Office - how/where should it appear?

I’m new to Nextcloud – installing it, I’ve installed the Collabora Online CODE server, and then Nextcloud Office. Both seem to be installed without issue. In Settings, the Nextcloud Office settings show that the Collabora Online server is reachable.

But Nextcloud Office doesn’t seem to… exist anywhere. It’s not in the app icons on the dashboard, and if I search for it, I find only the settings for it. How do I get to Office once it’s installed? Am I doing something wrong?
Screenshots: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

For example, you can find it here


If you choose New Document, then Collabora will start and you can make a new document.

Bye, Sascha

Normally you click on a file e.g. “test.docx”. Also you can click in Nextcloud Files on (+) and add a new Office textfile.

Thanks, ikkarus13, but – I don’t know where to find that “house” icon or the plus button in your screenshot. Could you give me a bit more context? Here’s what my dashboard screen looks like.
3 dashboard-no-office

Also, trying to open a .docx (I found a “Welcome to Nextcloud” doc preinserted in my Documents folder) gives me a forever circle, but the doc never opens (it’s been 5+ minutes at this point).

5 forever-circle

You find the (+) e.g. in above in your directory “Documents”. Please create there a new file.

Please use browser developer tools (F12) and Network analysis and post the output. Can every file be loaded?

You can test the correct function with a test accout from . Password is “demo”.

Aha – thanks. I’ve found the (+) button and it does show the create documents dialogue: I can create it (name it), and pick a template, but from there new documents created still don’t load (forever circle).
I can create and edit docs in the test site.
I’m not sure how to post the output from network analysis – I’m not a webdev. But in the “Network” tab, the display seems to flip between “sync” and “notifications” constantly, and I’ve caught some of the error messages in the Console display. Apologies for imgur again, but this forum seems to let me upload images about 1% of the time, and gives me a “sorry, we couldn’t upload that image” error 99% of the time – I’ve just tried uploading the image here about 20 times, no idea why it works sometimes and others not…

Addendum: I have to go to my day job, thanks for all the help so far but likely I won’t be following up on anything today.

For the curious, I’ve followed up with my hosting provider and it seems to be permissions issues with single-click NextCloud app installs that they’re looking into, nothing on the NextCloud end per se.