Installing new drive


Some advice please on multiple questions.

I am about to update my computer with a larger ssd. I will then need to download my server files again. Can I copy the files across from the old ssd and then tell the new install to use this directory please? Doing this will mean I don’t have to download all the files again.

The other question is on storing the files. Currently I download files onto the my boot drive and sync to a second drive in the computer. Is this ok or should I not sync to my boot drive and use the other drive only please?




Yes, it can be done, but processes are different based on what type of installation you have. Different deployment methods needs their own process to switch user data directory.

So what kind of installation do you have?

Snap / AiO Docker / VM / Native / etc?

Please mention more details about the your setup.


I have a cloud server with a native installation and I sync to Manjaro desktop. Did that tell you enough please?