Installing NC 14 on Ubuntu 18.04

Nextcloud version : 14.0.1
Operating system and version : Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Apache or nginx version : not yet
PHP version not yet

I am trying to install NC 14 on Ubuntu 18.04. I had everything working on 16.04 with NC 13 but had a hardware failure, so I thought I would upgrade. I see some differences on installation on 18.04 and I can’t seem to get any of it to work. Yes, I am a noob on Linux. I’m confused on getting 18.04 setup for the install of NC. The commands to install PHP, Apache, etc on 16.04 don’t work on 18.04. I see there are snap packages that help with installation. Is there a way to change the default data directory when installing a snap package? What has to be done to 18.04 before you can install the snap package? It states that all files are in the snap package, does this mean to install 18.04 and just run the package? I can’t seem to find a step-by-step installation procedure for NC 14 on 18.04. I would like to have one like they have on the documentation for 16.04 installation. I have never installed/used nginx before so I’m not familiar with it. I could always go back to 16.04 but I would never be able to update. I would appreciate any help on this.

I’m not sure if I understand you right. You just want to install Nextcloud 14 on Ubuntu 18.04?

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd

Install nextcloud:

sudo snap install nextcloud

Open your domain in browser and finish installation of nextcloud:

I’m not sure if you can change the data directory with snap as well as the “normal installation” during installation. If not, you have to change it manually in the config file of nextcloud.

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I am wanting to install NC 14 on Ubuntu 18.04. I guess what I’m looking for is how to get the server ready for the installation. On 16.04 you had to install the Apache and PHP 7 stuff. If I do the same thing on 18.04 I get errors. The documentation is for 16.04. What are all of the PHP and Apache modules that have to be installed for the install on 18.04? Now they throw in NGINX. Do I install NGINX also? This is where it’s confusing for me. I don’t really use a domain name, I just use it as a localhost. I have to use a different data directory due to the size of the boot drive. Thank you for your response.

what kind of errors?

did you look here:

Let me install it again and I’ll let you know. I can’t remember what it said. Getting old, lol.

maybe this can make your live easier.


the second one is still kind of beta and under development. (only apache, no online office yet). feedback welcome. :wink:
installation with the docker playbook is similar to the first one.
you should know docker to maintain this setup.
the nextcloud file can be found under /opt/nextcloud

# clone this repo
git clone

# change to the ülaybook directory
cd nextcloud_on_docker

# install ansible and needed python modules
sh ./

# edit variables
vim inventory

# run playbook
ansible-playbook nextdocker.yml

Sorry I haven’t been able to do anything yet.Thank you for the links. Are there certain places that I need to put my information on the scripts? I have never used a docker before. When I did the older installations I made a text document that had all of the steps and it went smoothly if I ever had an issue. It included everything from the terminal commands to setup php, mysql and so on. I would copy and paste, lol. I don’t know how to fix stuff in Linux like I do in Windows so I just reinstall everything which I know is wasting a lot of time. I will try to install it today and see what happens.

I’ve installed Nextcloud from snap-packet as in instruction: Then install self signed SSL certificate. And now unable to enter admin panel:

Access through untrusted domain
Contact your administrator. If you are the administrator of this server, edit the “trusted_domains” parameter in the “config / config.php” file. An example of configuration can be found in the file “config / config.sample.php”.
More information on how to configure this can be found in the documentation.

I did this installation and it worked. Thank you Reiner! The only thing is that I need help with moving the data to another drive. How can I do that? The installation manual says it should be done during the install. I’m sure some people have moved it successfully. Any help would be appreciated.

Before you run the ansible playbooks you should have edited the inventory file.

If you want to change the location of datadirectory after the installation you can shutdown nextcloud. (stop nginx, php7.2-fpm and the database. move your data to the new location. and change the value of 'datadirectory' => in the config/config.php file.