Installer des not find URL on github


for day s I m strugling to install Nextcloud using the Techandme production version on ESXi 6.0.This is the message I m getting:

Getting scripts from GitHub to be able to run the first setup…
{change_mysql_pass} failed to download. Please run: ‘sudo wget’ again.

Edit: Internet is up and running

Any suggestions?

This could be related to Problems installing NextCloud.

That file seems to be renamed due to migration to postgresql. @enoch85 could help here?

@Franklos Please download the latest version. You are using and old version which isn’t compatible anymore.

I kept getting that error, even with the latest download. Ended up installinbg Ubuntu instead of ESXi and installed Nextcloud. Went super without a disksize restriction. Thanks loads anyway, keep up the good work!