Installed VirtualBox on a Mac and Nextcloud. One issue

Hi All,

I am new to Nextcloud and new here as well.

I ended up using Virtual Box on a Mac Pro and installing the latest Ubuntu and went about installing Nextcloud. Everything looks ok step by step. However I am stuck at the last step which is logging in to nextcloud. IM pretty sure I screwed up somewhere in the COnfig. But when I type my local IP all I get is Apache It Works! Not sure how ot get to nextcloud from there.

Any ideas?
I am open to anyone to teamviewer in to check my settings as well.

Thank you kindly.


did you try http://your ip/nextcloud

Yes I did, no luck. If I click on my IP, it says Ubuntu It Works and if I put /nextcloud after the IP it says not found

Where did you install it, where is your document root of your webserver? If the setup is not in the document root, you have to add the location to your webserver config (and use nextcloud as a subfolder or a virtual host on a separate subdomain).

I ended up installing the VM version that had all the install scripts and it worked like a charm after that install. Thanks for your suggestion.