Installed on a few different machines, but nobody can see the folders inside


We’re a small business that just got NextCloud up and running on a rented server. The goal was to have a shared folder structure so that we don’t have multiple files we’re passing between each other on a flash drive. I created several folders, went into NextCloud, and I can’t find a way to share them on the desktop client. I can share a link to the folder, but it just directs people to the browser client for NextCloud. I also can’t figure out how to add people to the “Others With Access” section. It’s just always empty, and our UI looks different from the one in the docs, so I can’t figure out how to get those folders to sync between everybody’s file explorer on their PC.

How can we set this up?

my feeling its’ best to manage sharing from the web interface. Once you shared the files with your colleagues (other users of same NC instance) they can sync the files to their local devices. External users can access shares using web browser.

If you have files you want to have shared access (no dedicated owner) take a look at group folder app.