Installation problem


Sorry for my english, I’m french !!!

I have a problem during the installation of Nextcloud v12.
Having seizes all the necessary information (account, data directory, database) and what I confirm, I obtain the following message:
" Impossible to create or to write in the data directory "

Having to verify the rights, it seems to me that they are OK.

Nextcloud is installed on a NAS Synology, thus owner http:http.

I thus remain stuck without understanding what blocks.

I am french also


code :
cd /var/www
chown -R www-data:www-data nextcloud

www-data is the www-user in debian and debian-derivates.

I would try on the system directly

sudo -u http ls -lisa /path/to/data

if your user can navigate through the whole structure. Then also check the webserver logfiles, perhaps there are open_basedir-restrictions in place. owncloud has a nice FAQ entry for these kind of errors:

The user on NAS Synology is http, not www-data.

I’ve tried this command.
It’s OK, I can read all of this directory without problem.
I’ve no open_basedir setted.
I’ve checked this URL but no good response for my problem, all seems to be OK.

Nobody can help me ?