Installation on Synology NAS - error page

I have tried to install Nexcloud on my Synology, following the below tutorial :
I am not a fluent user of servers, just beginner. The only difference I have made is on the “Virtual host & Database Setup” Section, where I have ticked 80/443 instead of https : 443.

Then I have continued until section Setting up Nextcloud but the problem is that it could never connect. And now, when I tried to conntect on the link, it shows me a wrong page and the URL bar becomes something like :


People say that it could be linked to apache or php apps on synology, but they never give the clear answer. So for your information, if it can help, I am on php 5.6 and apache 2.2.

Did somebody succeed to install nexcloud on Synology easily ?

Thank you for your help.

I am blocked since 4 days. Please.