Installation on FreeBSD or GhostBSD with ZFS file system (using Apache24, MySQL, PHP

Have a working NextCloud system on Mint18 w BTFS file system, but wanted to evaluate performance on ZFS. Solaris won’t even come close to supporting the project. So have spent weeks getting operational FreeBSD & Ghost BSD loaded. Have tried using PHP71 MySQL56 with Apache24, but in order to have phpMyAdmin work, I need PHP56.

I have not had so much difficulty getting NextCloud started as I have here. Using dhenzler:wheel as my ownership and have gone to chmod 777 and even then it won’t start.

And now with NC13… I’m not sure that BSD would even support the installation?

Help !


it works :wink:
I’m running my NC on freebsd
but its very important to check your webserver config files!
for Apache
Dont use chmod 777 for security reason!
Make your nextcloud rw to your webuser and group I asume its www:www

chown -R www:www nextcloud
chmod -R 770 nextcloud

I found FreeBSD to be difficult to deal with. After trying GhostBSD and upgrading to P7 it’s a no brainer… Many good binaries available that work right away. I especially liked that HPLIPS GUI tool that shows me toner status and printing progress on screen. When you’re using IP printers in another part of the house. It’s reassuring knowing that the printer is going, and if it’s finished.

Nextcloud was easy as well as it was a binary packaged with PHP56. I really wish BSD’s would follow suit with Linux and make a self installing AMP package, and offer it with PHP56 and PHP71 or greater. As well I have enjoyed using phpMyadmin to check status of permissions and passwords. Makes life so much easier.

SSL was my most recent challenge and I got it working, but very little written about installing it on BSD. Reminds me of my early Solaris Days… too much NOT published to keep the CLUB private

One last thing… FreeBSD makes it hard on newbies to get a GUI interface running. There’s just no reasonable excuse for this any more. If you want to go GUI, it should be EASY. Too much reading required. I’m not worried about being a fully competent BSD admin. Just want to get it going and move on to my projects and testing.