Installation on Debian Buster AMD64 (test instance on different HW)


I was shown a similar post, but this seems to be too old to continue:

and my case is different, anyway.

So, here we go:
I have Nexcloud running on Odroid N2 at home and I can’t get any updates to Nextcloud 19 or 20.
In order to test the case during our vacation I installed Debian Buster (10.7) with a lot of problems (firmware related) on an external disk of my Intel i7 PC. This is on a different WLAN in a different location and there is no direct connection between the test instance and my normal instance which is not running now.
I have spend a lot of time in getting the curl installation of nextcloudpi to work.
The reason was:
The Database directory as well as the data directory was set to my instance at home and
not using the default paths !

After setting the paths in ncp-config to the default directories, the installation worked fine and I got a lot
of applications preinstalled (tasks, calender, bookmarks, notes, …) which I don’t have on the Odroid N2.
Now I wonder:
Where did the installation get my path settings from home ?

 What happens, if I start my normal instance again at home - will the default paths automatically set from the test installation ?

Perhaps somebody knows the answers.

Thanks a lot and kind regards