Installation of Nextcloud with Home assistant on raspberry pi 4


I am very new to raspberry pi and its possibilities.
I would like to install Home Assistant and Nextcloud on my new raspberry pi 4 using an external SSD drive on USB.
Which solution do you advice to me ?
Install rapsberry pi 4 OS (which one) than Home Assistant and then Nextcloud ?
Or is it better to install directly HAOS and than Nextcloud ?
Do you know a good tutoriel for this installation ?
How to configurate the use of an external drive ?

Thanks a lot for your help


Learn how to use Docker. Containers are the simplest way to manage multiple services.
You’ll want to learn about nginx or another reverse proxy to manage yout domain access.

All of this is outside of this forum’s support.

Once you set up either service the process will be similar for the other. Pi 4 with ssd will be fine.