Installation of nextcloud in proxmox

I have the following:
2 X 2TB nvme ssd
4 X 6TB Enterprise HDD (285mb speed)

I am thinking of using proxmox. I would install it on SSD in raid1(mirror). I would Install nextcloud on them giving it 1TB. Create a RAID10 ZFS Pool for HDD.

Now the problem
How to connect hdd(zfs pool) to nextcloud?

First you would need to create:

  • a disk (zfs or qemu)
  • install an OS on this disk (debian/ubuntu/centos/red hat …)
  • install Nextcloud on it

These are the very rough steps

is there a way to install nextcloud on SSD and files in HDD so i get benefits of both speed of ssd and storage of HDD.

yes - of course. Every disk (virtual or physical) can be configured/attached to either the operating system or the data volume.

For this you’d need deeper KnowHow of operating system, File-Systems, volume-management (like zfs,lvm,mdadm or other).

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will there be any performance benefit of installing nextcloud on ssd and files in hdd

Yes definitiely! I would even say using SSD for everthing is the way to go (of course if you can effort the cost)