Installation NextCloud on Synology using Docker

I’m trying to install NextCloud on my Synology, as there is no package for NextCloud (only for OwnCloud) I guess that the best way is using Docker.

I’ve tried this docker package:
I did connect in SSH and enter the command:
docker pull indiehosters/nextcloud
It start downloading some files (a list of hex name + download complete), thus some are stuck in the middle of the download. After some minutes all get completed except one file that is stuck at 3.4Mb on 33Mb. After some minutes it did retry but get stuck at some other point.
How can I force the download of the last file ?

By the way is there better way to install NextCloud on a Synology ? is there tutorial for it ? Assuming that is did complete, then I don’t know what to do, do I have to create an entry in MariaDB ? How can I give access to my file stored on the NAS in order to be able to get them in Next Cloud ?

After several try, it did finish the install. If some others need help, here is what I have done:

Connect in SSH using root

docker pull indiehosters/nextcloud (it failed to download everyfiles the first time, but the second time after a very long time it when well).

docker run -d indiehosters/nextcloud (to run nextcloud in docker)

Close SSH session.

Create a nextcloud user in phpMyAdmin (login into your phpmyadmin panel with your root SQL password, http:// your_synology_IP/phpmyadmin, then create a new user from the user tab, choose a password for it and select create a database with the same name, my user is named nextcloud to be simple).

https:// your_synology_IP/nextcloud or if you have a domain name linked to your server https:// yourdomain.tdl/nextcloud. Choose an admin login and password and select advance option.

Choose mySQL/MariaDB and enter the user name you created for nextcloud (i.e. nextcloud) and its password, then enter the database name, if you did like me it’s the same as user (i.e. nextcloud).

Click finish and wait a few minutes that the database get created (you can see in phpMyAdmin the nextcloud database get filled with many stuff, you don’t need to touch or understand what they are).

Then you are ready to use your NextCloud but one step that seams pretty useful for Synology users is to be able to mount other folder from the Synology into NextCloud. Here you need to install the “external storage” app and add a SMB mount for the folder you need. I’m at this step but my folder doesn’t want to get mounted, I’m trying again and will update when I found the right way to to it.


Hi !

I’m trying also to get nextcloud setup on my synology nas, the best way possible.
I never tried using docker, as I’m not very familiar with it, I’m no power user, (managed to get some images form to work though, very simple), so I just installed it using myphp/mariadb/webserver.

What setup is best in way of performance and nas ressources ?

I hope you finally achieved to get synology shared folders to get mounted, that’s what I would achieve too.

Hi, sorry for the delayed answer. To be honest I’m not sure if I did install with docker or with webserver, because I’ve copied the NextCloud folder in /web at some point when docker install was not able to download all the files, but it was not running, so I’ve tried some more time docker install and then it works. Don’t know if it’s related and if the install using docker put also files in /web/nextcloud folder. Anyway it works quite fine, pretty sure it’s the Docker install that did complete the manual install.

I don’t know what is best in term of resources but my install is very very slow, even on local network. It’s usable for calendar, contacts and rainloop, what I’m using now, but I would not ben patient enough to manage a lot of large file in NextCloud, even less playing media in streaming using NextCloud. Not Rainloop is slightly faster than any other NextCloud app.

I’ve managed to mount the volume1 folder (with access of a virtual user I’ve created named nextcloud, so I can control what this user has access to, I didn’t want to save one of my usual Synology account password into nextcloud, I don’t know how safe is it stored). I did use SFTP to mount the share, with SMB/CIFS it was not working (I couldn’t find the good settings).

I did manage to sync calendar between nextcloud and my android device, even multiple calendar (private, work, special cal,…) very convenient. Also I did manage to sync contact between Nextcloud, Rainloop and my android device. For both I have to use a more complete address than the one suggested by the nextcloud android app. And in Rainloop I have copied the contact list address from the contact app in nextcloud (the generic address with both cal and card was not working).

So yeah, it works, it’s very cool, but the slow speed is really frustrating. If anybody has idea how to speed up the app, I’m open.

Speed may greatly depend on your synology nas specs, I use a DS713+ with 2 Gb ram, I didn’t really notice slow speed, as I’m really restrained by my upload speed (1 Mb is slow as hell), but it’s responsive for simple file access, di not try more at the moment.
If any Synology master could help us to get the best of nextcloud, would be great :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried Nextcloud on a synology DS114 and sync was very slow. System information shown that CPU was running at 100% due to PHP processing… this was probably the first bottleneck !

I have a quite powerful Synology, DS1513+ with extra RAM (4GB in total if I’m right), it’s one that has ARM proc, shouldn’t be so slow.
I have to check resources taken tonight.