Installation Nextcloud 3.10 on Macbook AIR 14 M2

I have downloaded Nextcloud for the first time on my Macbook Air 14 M2.
The software 3.10 installs, but when I run it, it shows a popup message saying:
ā€œ1 account was detected from a legacy desktop client. Should the account be imported?ā€
The popup shows two possibilities: SKIP, IMPORT.
It does not happen anything if you try both of them, so the software does not start.
Before using nextcloud I was using owncloud, but now this is not installed anymore.
So I am stuck and the software does not run at all.
What can I do?

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I guess it is no comfort but I am experinsing the same problem

Hunted down all nextcloud files and folders in library and deleted them but it didnā€™t matter. I have owncloud installed at the same time so maybe this is what it detects.