Installation fails (MariaDB)

Hello forum community,

I don’t get NC installed. When trying, I get the error message …

An exception occurred while executing a query: SQLSTATE [42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'nextcloud.oc_users' doesn't exist

When I look in the database, the NC-DB has been created, but only contains the table “oc_migrations”. The two users “oc_ [administrative]” for localhost and% have also been created, but nothing more.
Nothing is recorded in the MariaDB, PHP and NC-Log log files.

Somehow the process seems to break off in the middle after creating the first table. Since nothing can be found in the log files, I don’t know exactly where to start.
Or is there a way to manually fill the database with the appropriate tables and data using a script?


Hi @EmEiBee

On what OS are you trying to install Nextcloud and how exactley did you create the database?

I can say right away that installations with XAMP or similar on Windows are unsupported and almost certainly won’t work.

OS is WIN 2016 Datacenter VPS where I host many noncommercial things for less…

I went the following way:
Create a directory under my physical WWW root (where the other pages are also located, every in his own folder). Create a subdomain on the http server, test access.
Unzip the archive “” into this folder (root of the subdomain).
Call up the subdomain, enter the access data for the later admin, enter the access data for the SQL root.

After sending the data, the above error message appears


Sorry, but then I can only repeat myself… native Windows installations are not supported. There are serval threads in the forums regarding that topic. Just search for your error message. You could use WSL or better a Linux VM using Hyper-V, if it absoutley has to run on a Windows system.

… I don’t think that this problem is only due to the operating system, but ok.
I don’t earn any money with it, so it is out of the question for me to rent a 2nd VPS with Linux here. That’s not worth it to me …

Thanks for the info, but I’ll be right out of there …


I’m just repeating what I’ve already read several times in other threads. I can’t tell you exactly why it doesn’t work in Windows or if there are any “dirty” workarounds. But I don’t think so… Otherwise I would have read about it most likely… :wink: