Installation buddy needed with addons


this is my first time here and I am looking for a cloud for my team and Nextcloud seems to do the job.

I’ll be honest I know zero or next to it when it comes to setting up and coding, therefore, I need someone who can be kind enough to help me out.

I would like to have Nextcloud with Collabora and the chat service so that we can all work together, eventually, cam chat is also an option

A friend advised me to get a cheap Arm server at Scaleway and with it, I could run all inside one instance. If I am making any sense?!

I am willing to arrange an exchange of services to whom may help out. If the advice given it is correct and what are the minimum requirements and also if you could help.

Thank you Nextcloud community

Check this tread: Best cheap hardware to run Nextcloud on?

Just try to install it via snap (on Ubuntu) and check how it “feells”.

sudo snap install nextcloud

or Docker:

docker install nextcloud
docker run -d -p 8080:80 nextcloud

It will be next step for your as it a bit more complicated as 1 command. But whole of the forum will be glad to help you :slight_smile:

what do you do if you run into a maintanence problem? and that will happen sooner or later.

my playbooks run on scaleway server.

but to my knowledge collabora won’t run on arm. no image available.

the good news: just setup a server at scaleway and try. :wink:

you can use cloud-init to do this handsfree. 10 min later you’ll have an up-and-running nextcloud. and if you don’t like the output or want to test onlyoffice change some parameter and 10 min later you can test that setup.

if you want to run it in at least an approximately professional way with your criteria for some time you should get a hosted solution.
(imho solutions purported to be overly simple (docker, snap) usually turn out to be overly complex in the least case of trouble).