Install "unstable" apps from app store

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on several apps list new “unstable” tagged versions, e.g. JavaScript XMPP Chat and Collabora Online. On nextcloud web ui no updates are shown and I also don’t find an option the enable unstable or experimental apps, like it was for the old owncloud app store.

Is there some way to install this unstable app versions directly from nextcloud web ui, enabling some setting in config.php or something, or do we need to manually download/extract the zip to our server?

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Experimental apps in the old App Store were simply apps that were not reviewed by ownCloud so you can’t really compare it :slight_smile:

What you want instead is to install unstable versions (alpha, beta, rc, nightly etc.) which you couldn’t do in the old store. The App Store provides all the important features, but many of them were not yet integrated into Nextcloud yet (e.g. no ratings, no unstable versions, no screenshot galleries).

There is an issue in the server repo to integrate unstable app versions but people did not yet find time integrate it yet.

So TL;DR: if you want to use unstable versions you need to install them manually for now

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Thanks for the answer. No big issue indeed, since the average host should anyway stay with stable versions on production systems :slight_smile:.