Install the latest version, unable to create user group

Nextcloud version (eg, 27.0.0): replace me
Operating system and version (eg, ALMAlinux 8.8): replace me
Apache or nginx version (eg, Nginx 1.22.1): replace me
PHP version (eg, 8.1): replace me

Install the latest version, unable to create user group…

You’re going to have to elaborate.

During the installation in the operating system?

Within Nextcloud?

By latest version do you mean the lastest release of NC27, NC26, or NC25? (All have had recent simultaneous releases).

If you’re referring to within NC27, you may be hitting a bug in the UI that was fixed by [stable27] 38340 fix add group broken by backportbot-nextcloud[bot] · Pull Request #38361 · nextcloud/server · GitHub and will be in the first point release. Both the User Provisioning API and CLI (occ) commands should work fine, however, for adding groups:

Thank you, NC27 has successfully created a group according to the occ command