Install other functions on the nextcloudpi distribution

do you know if it is possible to install other functions on the nextcloudpi distribution
for example: dns server
Thank you very much.

if we would ping @nachoparker i bet there will be an answer on this one :wink:
maybe you even want to file a github-issue by yourself for this feature-request?

Thank you very much.

Actually NCP already comes with a DNS server, dnsmasq

Thank you very much, I found it.
can I change the ip?
how do I know if the ip is not being used by another person?

dnsmasq is not a DNS server, it only allows you to sign an existing dns
it would be a good idea to introduce a dns in internet such as

Is it possible to ask nextcloudpi to introduce unbound?

If you are looking for a little privacy, unbound installation is essential.