Install old bookmarks version

Hello. How to install bookmarks version 2.0.3 on
Nexcloud 15.0.12. Thank you

I think you have two ways how the app, btw. the correct version is 2.3.1, can be installed:

  1. Navigate to the Apps menu and enter “bookm” in the search box in the upper right corner. Once the bookmarks app is displayed, press the “Download and install” button to get it installed.

  2. Download the bookmarks app from the Nextcloud app store, extract the content of the app archive to the apps folder in the Nextcloud document root, make sure that the directories/files ownership is set to your web servers user.
    Continue as described under point 1. except that you should be able to directly activate the app now.

i think he wants to downgrade… to 2.0.3

Why should someone install an old version, although an up-to-date one exists :thinking:

maybe because there was a change in dependencies from some certain version on? :wink:

but i was only referring to the title of this “issue”:

Install old bookmarks version

You can download any release you want on github:

If any of the php-related requirements are a problem for you, you should probably install v1.1.2