Install nextcloud on raspi 4 ubuntu

Hi folks, i am completely lost.

I am trying to install nextcloud server on a raspi 4 running ubuntu, and apache.

After failing to find a download for that hardware in the download section (maybe i overlooked it, but it is well hidden then?), i decided to follow the hint of installing via snap.

After running sudo snap install nextcloud, what to do?
Docs only say to run the installation from localhost/nextcloud.

I am running the platform headless, i. e. via ssh, and via 192.168.x.y from my browser.

Pointing my browser to 192.168.x.y gives a 404.

Browsing the complete filesystem finds some possible files under /snap/nextcloud/xyz/htdocs, but i cannot use them since the .htaccess files forbid it, and that area is mounted readonly, possibel for good reasons otherwise.

I cannot find even a hint how apache should serve me the installation files, nor, where they should be found from in theory.

All the docs say is, that everything is fine after snap install command, and calling localhost/nextcloud.

Probably i am missing something very obvious, but believe e, i tried. A while.

What can i do?

Thanks, Arno

The snap contains everything you need (including Apache), so that is virtually all you need to do.

Since you didn’t get a connection timeout, I suspect you already have something else running on port 80, so the snap couldn’t claim it. Is that possible? Stop whatever that is and try restarting the snap:

$ sudo snap restart nextcloud

If you’re still having problems, log an issue where we have some debugging scripts that will help us narrow down what’s going on.