Install NextCloud in VMware VMDK format

Hi, is it possible to install nexcloud in vmware without NFS format? Can we use VMDK format?
2 Front End NextCloud Server in VMware (HA).


Do you want a ready vmdk file? Or just wondering if you can use a shared vmdk file?

Two frontends will require a common nextcloud data folder for both and that needs to be on nfs/gluster or someother storage that can be shared between two hosts. I have no clue on how the shared vmdk format works … as i have never worked with it, but in theory it should pop up as a normal disk that can be mounted inside the virtual server.

Keep in mind that you need an external sql server as well or sql cluster if you are using two frontends. And something that allows for shares sessions between two servers.

If you are using vmware and can set a server as HA i would suggest that you just have one and let vmware take care of the uptime. If it is high availability you are after.

Take a look at: