Install Nextcloud in the same dictionary as Wordpress

I have a problem with the Nextcloud installation.
Wordpress is installed in /srv/www/htdocs and it’s online at http://hostname .
Now, I want to install Nextcloud in /srv/www/htdocs/nextcloud (http://hostname/nextcloud) .
After unziping the and visit hostname/nextcloud , i can only see a blank page.
What’s the problem?
Please Help



My guess would be mod_rewrite settings in the .htaccess file for Wordpress that interpret subdirectories as wordpress pages.

Can you Explain that, please?

I am really just guessing, but try disabling pretty permalinks in Wordpress and see if that makes a difference.

You’re going to need to do a bit of faffing with vhost files I think, telling the current for wordpress to ignore the nextcloud folder, and creating a new one that targets nextcloud.

Tbh it’s likely easier to move it out of htdocs and into a folder next to htdocs (/srv/www/nextcloud) then create a new vhost to work with that, no need to mess with the wordpress setup then.

Sorry, i’m new with apache.
Can you say me how to do that?
i’m running apache with openSUSE 42.3