Install/Index Page Not Working - No Database Configs

I have NC installed on a different domain on the same server. First install worked like a charm.

I’m trying to install on a second domain, but I am having a consistent issue getting the install to work. I can get the files on the server, but then I get to the attached page and there is no interaction on the page.

I’ve tried different browsers and different computers to see if this is a localized issue, but it’s happening in every case.

I can type into the text boxes, but when I try to “configure the database”, it won’t let me select the MySQL option. The “Storage& Database” section is displayed (not behind a js func) when you first arrive at the page.

I’ve tried typing in my db info, but it is defaulting to sqlite and doesn’t actually install anything/let me sign in.

Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.

Just a guess, but most likely the required php-mysql module hasn’t been installed and configured on your web server, so that the setup script isn’t aware of this configuration option. How should a MySQL/MariaDB database be accessed if the driver isn’t available?

Thanks for this, but as mentioned in the original post, I already have a working NC install on this server. Everything should be all set up.

For posterity, I finally got this fixed.

The issue is that Cloudflare doesn’t play nice with NextCloud.

The resolution was to disable js/css minifying on the CF panel, delete the cache for the domain, and boom, it worked like a charm.

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