Install errors using freenas

I have my Freenas all setup and running and I’ve transferred like 3TB of movies to it. Now I’m trying to install Nextcloud and i get an error. And its not only Nextcloud its any plugin. they all give the same error. It goes through the whole downloading process and everything but after like a min it comes up saying,

[EFAULT] Exception: URLError:< urlopen error [Errno 8] hostname nor servname provided, or not known > occured, destroyed nextcloud.

Does anyone know what the problem is here? Because i cant seem to find anything on google or anywhere.

You should ask all FreeNAS related questions in the FreeNAS forum and not in this Nextcloud forum.

So I got Nextcloud installed on my Freenas. But now i can’t figure out how to get nextcloud working? I get this error when i try to finish the setup. Now that it is a nextcloud problem maybe someone on here can help me out.
The username and password i tried is the one i made so i can access the files on windows from various computers on my network. Should i be using a different one? Also the location for the data folder is the address i used for finding the folder on windows, should that be different? I looked at the nextcloud documentation for this and its not very helpful.

These questions are really FreeNAS specific, so I would recommend to check if this information helps to answer it: