Install Computer-Modern font in onlyOffice

I would like to install computer modern for use in my documents, I just downloaded and unziped the all the needed .ttf files at /usr/share/fonts/computer-modern/ and I already executed fc-cache. They are also shown when I list all the installed font.

/usr/share/fonts/computer-modern/cmunobx.ttf: CMU Concrete:style=Bold
/usr/share/fonts/computer-modern/cmunsx.ttf: CMU Sans Serif:style=Bold
/usr/share/fonts/computer-modern/cmunbsr.ttf: CMU Bright:style=SemiBold
/usr/share/fonts/computer-modern/cmunbmo.ttf: CMU Bright:style=Oblique
/usr/share/fonts/computer-modern/cmuntx.ttf: CMU Typewriter Text:style=BoldItalc
root@localhost:/# fc-cache | grep cmu

In the onlyOffice guide it looks like I need to run located at /usr/bin but it seems to be missing:

root@localhost:/usr/bin# ls | grep