Install Collabora Online with Nextcloud 10 help

I’m having a couple problems. One is with https redirects. I am using Let’s Encrypt and I chose the setting for it to force secure connections, but so far it isn’t doing it. If I type in “” it will drop the connection, however if I do “” it will connect as expected.

My other big problem is with how to setup Collabora Online. I completed all the instructions except for the part where I need that integration app. The problem is it only accepts NC version 9 and not 10. However, I was under the impression I could still run Collabora Online with 10 and thought that 10 was supposed to provide better integration. So currently when I type “” I still connect to “”, but I just get my plain connection to my usual stuff and not an office suite


I think the subdomain should be a separate vhost for the ReverseProxy mappings they provide. Did you actually figured out the correct config for this setup?

I have deployed nginx + php-fpm for 9 and 10 setups with the same result: “We are sorry, this is an unexpected connection error. Please try again.”. IDK if I’m missing some modules for websockets or is the Docker image itself.

If you managed to solve the error please post back.