Install and Setup OCR on NC v23

I am trying to get Tesseract OCR working on v23. I have installed the
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I have installed the tesseract files using apt in the docker container.
What else needs to be done? I thought (naively) that an option to OCR would appear for a file (it does not). Ultimately I would like files (esp. pdf) that are in a specific folder to be OCR’ed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

According FTS OCR developer, there is needed to tweak some XML config regarding access rights:

@p-bo Thanks. I guess the problem is recognized but no solution as yet?

This is request for adding this function into Nextcloud VM administration script. When developers will decide to implement this, you can look at what is script doing and reproduce it into your container envinronment. In meantime, you can ask developer of FTS OCR app for some guidance

OCR option is missing in menu. Will there be a solution?