Instalation issues


I have problem to start up my nextcloud box. I connected all the hardware together inserted the sd card with snap but I can not access the pi 2 via internet.
I checked the sd card and it is not empty :slight_smile:
how can I resolve it … or at least find out what is wrong


I get also this error when running

“can’t find nextcloud.local: Non-existent domain” when running nslookup nextcloud.local

So you try to run Nextcloud on a Raspberry pi 2?

The best thing is to start locally. Meaning try to connect a screen/keyboard to the pi 2, and enter the terminal within. You can check if first if apache is running etc.

When you think everything is running ok. You can execute:
arp -a

Look at the IP address next to “b8-27”, that is the IP of your PI.
Now can try to access this from another computer within the same network (LAN).

When everything is working, you can open port 80/443 on your router together with the IP, so it’s accessible from the Internet.

Be-ware to make the IP statically defined within your pi2, otherwise a reboot could cause to get you another IP address. Meaning you need to change your router settings again and again ><…

More info: