Inquiry about Sony PlayStation Integration with NextCloud

Hello NextClouders,

I have a question regarding the integration of NextCloud with Sony PlayStation.
is it applicable? is there any client app that can be downloaded and installed on Sony PlayStation.
I have noticed a big demand for NextCloud support on Sony PlayStation so that gamers can store their games data.

Please advise.

afaik so far there isn’t any app, tool, client or whatever for sony ps, yet.

easiest way to store your data would be an external HDD you could just plug in to your ps.

What if you are playing at your friend home and want to continue your game there.
is there any client app that can be used to access your data anytime anywhere.

well as i already tried to tell you: i dunno of any ps-

for nextcloud… but maybe - since PS seems to be running on a kind or FreeBSD OS - you could ask in their forum if they’d know how to do that.

Thanks Jimmy.
Appreciate it.

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